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May 2017

Health & Fitness

Why I Eat Sugar

At this point, most of us have heard it – repeatedly – throughout our lives: sugar is bad for us. That’s why many trainers and health gurus choose to eliminate or minimize it in their – and their client’s – diets. It’s also why magazines promising to improve our lives via slimmer waistlines dish us up recipes with big doses of guilt and sugar alternatives. It’s clear that sugar –…

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Expat Adventures

Life as a CPT: My Body is Public Property

This weekend I experienced a rude awakening. While out at a party (and while a bit tipsy), I was handed a cigarette… and without thinking… I took a couple of puffs. What can I say? I’m in Europe – smokers are everywhere – and while I’m not one of them, I was feeling free and bold and a little European. That is, until gasps, shocked scoffs and a loud “Ahhh…

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Hello world!

Thanks for stopping by! Rebel Heart Wellness is a place where you can find my professional posts on exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and more, as well as posts about my personal experiences being a gluten free expat traveling the world. I hope you enjoy! xo, Vivian…

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