The 21 Day Self-Love Experience

Happy May!

I don’t know about y’all, but my April was RAIN-Y and I am super ready for t-shirt weather to hurry up and get here! May is actually one of my favorite months – it’s a nice wind-down from months of gray skies and always brings greener views and happier moods. Unfortunately, it’s a mixed month when it comes to everything else! Yes it’s the time for sunshine, warm weather and BBQs … but it’s also peak season for relentless hounding by the media and advertising agencies to diet, slim down, tone up, and generally hate ourselves as we are. GAH!

Think I’m being dramatic? Listen to this: the weight-loss market in the US (e.g. diet pills, diet foods, diet drinks, weight loss programs, etc.), were worth a staggering $66.3 BILLION in 2016 alone. Why? Because insecurity and self-doubt PAY. Companies make BILLIONS (gonna keep bolding and all-capsing that one so it sticks!), by making everyday ordinary people like us feel terrible about ourselves. It’s a system in  which organizations benefit off of the suffering and self-loathing of others. Scary stuff, right?!

That’s why this May I encourage you to join the 21 Day Self-Love Experience! It starts TODAY and it’s an easy, individual way to ground yourself during a month that is bound to  be filled with an onslaught of airbrushed models in bikini commercials, ads for low-fat yogurts and lots of diet-talk. The 21 Day Self-Love Experience will also help you to build confidence and get to know yourself better – both of which are great tools to have – especially when you live in a society that tells you otherwise! Because the truth is that you are AMAZING, just the way you are. No dieting or toning or shopping needed. You’re already great – simple as that!

If you haven’t already signed up to join, please subscribe – you’ll get a weekly workbook sent to your email (one a week for three weeks). Extra good news: it’s completely FREE! Can’t wait to be on this journey with each of you!!


Featured Image: Photo by Aral Tasher on Unsplash

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  • Jane

    The workbook for week 1 looks easy, fun and positive! I’m starting it today!


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