The Ultimate Guide to Body Positive Bathing Suit Sites

Woooo – it’s almost time to hit the beach!! As you may remember from my post all about building beach body confidence (read it here), one of my summer-prep strategies involves buying bathing suits online. Why suffer terrible lighting and cramped changing rooms when The Lord gave us online shopping?! Right?! RIGHT! That said, some retailers are definitely better than others at encouraging and nourishing body positivity and the “bodyposi” community. To make it easy for you, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite body inclusive websites. When choosing, I aimed to find websites that meet the following marks:

  • Body inclusivity – variety of model types including color/body type etc. (Still searching for sites that include disabled models – if you know of any please comment below and let me know!!)
  • Size range – a large range of sizes are available. (I know that Bravissimo, below, only does D+ but I feel that their work is so important and there are also a LOT of sizes beyond D, hence they made the cut!)
  • FUN/Body Positive – these sites are generally peppy, with messages and mission statements focused about feeling good!

Read on to find the site and suit(s) that are right for you!


Living up to their tagline of “Inspiring Big Boobed Women to Feel Amazing”, Bravissimo has the busty women of the world covered (literally). Their suits ensure that ladies with D+ cup sizes look great and feel great simultaneously. What could be better?!


Nakimuli is the place to shop if you love fun prints and bold patterns! While their collection is small (and often items sell out!), their swimsuit designs are consistently beautiful, bold and refreshing. I also appreciate their use of models that are all WOCs! Suits are available in sizes Small-3X and are all made in Brooklyn, USA.

Swimsuits for All

Swimsuits for All is one of the happiest retail websites out there. Just taking  a look at the home page puts a smile on my face – so many happy faces with so many different body types! Makes sense, give that their mission is “To make shopping for a bathing suit as fun as wearing one.”. Who can resist a message like that?! (They sell gorgeous bathing suits sizes 4-32.)


Figleaves sells bathing suits (and lingerie) that accommodate bust sizes A-K. They offer bathing suits with fuller coverage for the bottom, for those that prefer that, as well as one pieces. Their cheerful prints keep the suits looking fresh, while their cuts keep them comfortable.


Known more for clothing than for swimsuits, ASOS is not to be overlooked! At first glance their models might seem mainstream, but dig further and you’ll see that they have a plethora of suit size ranges (including petite/tall/plus/maternity & fuller bust), as well as a solid variety of model body types. One of the most refreshing things about ASOS as a site is that they choose to purposefully offer some items only in certain sizes (including plus). While it can be inconvenient at times, it’s also a strong reminder of what many women experience at most stores on a regular basis. Talk about evening the playing field!

Honorable mention: Cupshe

While not as strong as the other stores on this list, Cupshe gets an honorable mention for limiting the total number of models used. While the models they do use are pretty mainstream, they have opted to photos of the majority of swimsuits with no models in them at all. Sizes range from Sm-XXL (XXL accommodates up to 40D).

Do you know of any other great sites that deserve some love and recognition? Let me know in the comments section please – I’d love to spread the word about as many bodyposi brands and retailers as possible!


Featured image: Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

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