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July 2018

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Appetite-Suppressant Candy: The New Trend That Could Be Deadly

Photo: Jameela Jamil via Twitter

By now, most of you will have seen the photo above. It has sparked outrage, and for good reason. Sold by the Flat Tummy Co., these lollipops act to suppress hunger pangs. While these candies claim to be safe, the truth is they may be far from it. In fact, these suckers are dangerous in just about every way possible. Not only do they market themselves to a young and…

Health & Fitness

Fitness 101: Squats

Squats. Whether you’re picking up your toddler, grabbing groceries from the trunk of your car or droppin’ it like it’s hot (heyyy sexy!), squats are an essential movement pattern that we all do consistently. While most of us think that squats are just for the gym (groan), they’re essential to everyday mobility. Not impressed by my first examples? Think about when you sit down to eat at the dinner table.…