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September 2018

Expat Adventures

7 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming an Expat

My own journey as an expat started unexpectedly. I’ve always longed to live outside of the US, but I’d never seriously pursued it. When my partner got into his dream MBA program, however, I knew I had some big decisions to make. Social media told me that as an expat I could expect all my wanderlust and travel dreams to be fulfilled, while a closer look at the expat forums…

Gluten Free

Gluten Free Guide: Amsterdam

It’s been just over seven months (!!) since my partner and I moved to Amsterdam. And besides the headaches of setting up a new apartment – contracts in Dutch are no joke! – and the joys of meeting new friends, the best part about living in a new city has undoubtedly been trying all the restaurants possible… in the name of research, that is! Here are my top favorite restaurants…

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