Personal Training With Vivian

Personal training (PT) is a unique opportunity to strengthen your body (and mind!), as well as learn more about yourself. I believe that the most successful PT experiences are those where the trainer and the trainee (that’s you!), work as partners.  After all, one size definitely does NOT fit all when it comes to fitness! Every body is unique, as is everyone’s history around food, diet and exercise. That’s why each PT program I create is individually tailored to fit your specific goals, needs and lifestyle, while simultaneously providing a safe, open environment for us to support and grow your fitness journey.

Above all else, my goal is to help you build confidence, FEEL YOUR BEST, and learn to appreciate non-aesthetic workout “wins”! What does that mean for you?

  • No scales are used. Yes, I know, jaws always drop when I say this, but really: throw away your scale. You don’t need it in general, let alone when working with me! Instead, we’ll look at topping your old records in fitness, as well as ease of movement and energy levels.
  • Building healthy habits that make you feel happy is my priority! We’ll focus on tracking your feelings around exercise and food so that we can find what helps you feel good (that includes balanced and sane!), and what areas we can improve on.
  • I understand that REAL life cannot be lived on a diet. As such, I don’t encourage strict meal plans, protein replacement meals of any kind (boo!), or strict supplementing. I believe that in eating real food – that includes the occasional cupcake of two! – moving your body in ways that feel good and taking time to honor wherever you’re at in your own self-love journey are all key components in a happy life. No obsessing required. 🙂

Think that training with me sounds like it could be a good fit, but have more questions? Awesome!  Let’s grab coffee and chat! Use the contact page to send me a message and I’ll be in touch ASAP.


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