Shout Outs

This blog would not be possible without the help of some pretty amazing people. So, without further ado:

  • To the truly talented Siviva Levana (ActuallyLook) for my portrait photo – thank you. You are a gift in so many ways and your friendship has supported this project -and me!- in too many ways to count!
  • Thank you to Nathan Kirschbaum of Kirschbaum Development Group, LLC for the advice and information regarding self-hosting. Your input was invaluable.
  • An enormous THANK YOU to the very generous photography community at Unsplash for their free photos. Please check them out – they are incredibly talented people!
  • To Lauren Espejo, for the beautiful virtual rendition of my true north logo – so many hugs and thank you. Your encouragement has been nonstop from the beginning and I am so grateful for it and you!
  • To my partner, for the beautiful written logo, your patience at mealtimes (a picture is worth a thousand words!) and your exquisite ability to always believe in me: grazie. Ti amo tanto.
  • Thank you (to infinity and beyond), to my family and friends for all of the encouragement and love, with this blog and more.
  • And finally, a HUGE thank you to anyone who made it through this Oscar-acceptance-speech-worthy spiel! Let’s get back to the good stuff, shall we?!

With so much appreciation,


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