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Appetite-Suppressant Candy: The New Trend That Could Be Deadly

Photo: Jameela Jamil via Twitter

By now, most of you will have seen the photo above. It has sparked outrage, and for good reason. Sold by the Flat Tummy Co., these lollipops act to suppress hunger pangs. While these candies claim to be safe, the truth is they may be far from it. In fact, these suckers are dangerous in just about every way possible. Not only do they market themselves to a young and…


The Ultimate Guide to Body Positive Bathing Suit Sites

Woooo – it’s almost time to hit the beach!! As you may remember from my post all about building beach body confidence (read it here), one of my summer-prep strategies involves buying bathing suits online. Why suffer terrible lighting and cramped changing rooms when The Lord gave us online shopping?! Right?! RIGHT! That said, some retailers are definitely better than others at encouraging and nourishing body positivity and the “bodyposi”…

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The 21 Day Self-Love Experience

Happy May! I don’t know about y’all, but my April was RAIN-Y and I am super ready for t-shirt weather to hurry up and get here! May is actually one of my favorite months – it’s a nice wind-down from months of gray skies and always brings greener views and happier moods. Unfortunately, it’s a mixed month when it comes to everything else! Yes it’s the time for sunshine, warm…

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Every BODY Is A Beach Body

Bikini season. Those two words alone have the power to strike terror in the fiercest among us and can motivate even the most gym-avoidant humans to high-tail it to their nearest fitness center. And while mid-April should just be a time for us to enjoy the beginning of spring, for many people it begins the long-dreaded warm weather months and the return of #summerbod seemingly everywhere online. This year, you…

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