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How To Boost Your Mood (And Your Metabolism!) With Interval Training

By now most of us have heard that interval training is one of the best (meaning most doable and most metabolically effective), forms of cardio exercise out there.  Not only does it have the power to make us all feel like superheroes (who doesn’t love the feeling of having accomplished something truly tough – even if just for thirty seconds at a time?!!), but it also helps to boost our…

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Expat Adventures

A Survivor’s Guide to the Expat Thanksgiving

Like most things when living abroad, holidays are a mish-mash of emotions. There’s the usual blending of the old with the new, but now it’s paired with scrambling around to find all the necessary items … and a lot of “making do” when the things we think we need are nowhere to be found! Thanksgiving is  no exception. While all of France seems to have moved on toward the winter…

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Why Skinny Is Not a Compliment

Short. Thin. Tall. Fat. We learn the basic description words as kids. But over time – and with a lot of advertising by the diet industry and a ton of not-so-subtle Hollywood brain-washing – we start to associate feelings with these physical attributes. Suddenly looking (or “feeling!”) “fat” becomes dreaded while “you look so skinny today!” receives an enormous smile and an enthused “thank you!” in response. Our value as…

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How To Up Your Plank Game

Oh heyyyy plank pose – I see you! Or, more likely, I FEEL you. Abs shaking, shoulders tired, booty wanting to call it a day and lift into downward facing dog. All that challenge equals one heck of a workout though – it’s no wonder planks are the go to workouts of celebrity trainers, pro-athletes, models and more! Unfortunately plank is easy to avoid (Netflix, anyone?) and easy to mess…

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