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Having a Humble Heart: How Humility Is Making Me a Better Trainer

A few weeks ago I was stretching at the end of a fitness style boxing class – I was attending, not teaching – and I was completely lost in la la land. (It happens from time to time, especially after a hard workout.) Suddenly, from the front of the room, I heard the class instructor asking “what muscle are we stretching, the pectoralis major or minor?” It took me a…

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Expat Adventures

2017 Reflections: A Year of Embracing the Unknown

Engaging with the unfamiliar is rarely comfortable. Even if we’re excited about it, there’s still a level of discomfort associated with newness. It can feel downright awkward, actually! So much so that most of us find what works and stick with it. We take the same routes to school and work daily, we have set hours for productivity and others for socializing. Many of us eat the same foods and…

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