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November 2018


Ho Ho Ommmm: How to Master The Art of Holiday Zen

One more day and the holidays will be officially upon us! (At least for us Americans.) And while I am all about carols, cocoa and Love Actually (*heart eyes*), the holiday season is often more complicated than many of us realize. Ads for diets will bombard us at the same time that we’re being offered seconds of everything at our tables, holiday parties will “demand” that we shell out for…

Health & Fitness

The Art of Being a Spectator: What Coaching My Partner For the NYC Marathon Taught me

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind! As many of you who know me or follow along on Instagram know, my S.O. ran his first marathon this past Sunday. Not just any marathon (though that would be enough) – the New York City marathon! Just over 52,000 runners and more than 1 million spectators (yes you read that correctly) turned out for the race. And wow, was it spectacular!…

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