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Well folks, we’re officially well-into fall. And toward the end of fall comes holiday season…. Between the sweets, the celebratory meals and the constant festivities, many people end up shrugging their self-care and fitness routines to the side. That’s part of why so many New Year’s resolutions inevitably end up relating to health and fitness e.g. “getting back to the gym” “eating better”. Unfortunately, according to an article by Business…


The #1 Thing You Should Be Updating This Fall

Ahh Fall. Fresh air – goodbye humidity! – fall fashion and, of course, the much lauded “sweater bod” that many of you have been missing all summer. This year, however, we all need more than a closet update to fit the changing of the seasons – we need a vocab update as well! Read on to see how casual terms could be hijacking your self-esteem without you even knowing it!…

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